Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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hey, I'll give you five dollars to add Barack Obama on Facebook and post a comment saying "God doesn't want us to elect black people." Come on! It's free money! But really, how about them black people? It reminds me of this time I walked through the SOuth Bronx at night on principle and nothing happened because it's not like they want to cause any trouble; don't bother anyone and odds are they won't bother you, even in a bad area of a big city.

Speaking of New York (link), Regina Spektor is from there, and this goes to prove that people from cities are better than people who aren't. It's piano-led pop music with jazz influences with lyrics that read like she has a good reason to get up in the morning when she's not being overly cutesy. Regina sounds like a bohemian Ani DiFranco without the self-important rage raging against the dying of the light, though she would become more singular later on. Slightly lost but smarter than you and you want to hang out with her after the show even if she does over-emote at times. I get the urge while listening to use the adjective "classical," but I don't feel justified using that about any particular songs.

There aren't fantastic musical hooks - she was 21, younger than me for fuck's sakes - when she made this, and I'm deeply in admiration of her ability to complete something artistic at that age...She doesn't have the lyrical immaturity that marks a lot of other young artists, though there is some knee-jerk tee-hee "humour" that might bother you if you're thoughtful. Other wacky nadirs include:

- The inexcusable "her do[w]g DEE OH DOUBLEYOU GEE" in "Back of a Truck."
- The "freestyling" on "Pavlov's Daughter." Also the fake drum beat...Yeah, nice try, maybe you should try again in a couple years and call it "Consequence of Sounds." Also WHY IS THIS SONG EIGHT MINUTES LONG.
- "Flyin'" - go back to self-liberaton camp.
- "Braille," which is SO American Idol, especially its constant reference to "cold Campbell's in a can" - THAT'S NOT POIGNANT.
- "I Want to Sing," for being a song that I can only tolerate if someone sings it to me, and nobody is.

And some highlights include:

- Andrea Bargnani's four-point play with 9.3 seconds left to put us up two - he's gonna be good! really really good!- "Thought I'd cry for you forever / But I couldn't so I didn't /People's children die and they don't even cry forever Thought I'd see your face in my mind for all time / But I don't even remember what your ears looked like" from "Rejazz."
- The power and glory of being from New York and writing songs about New York with names like "Buildings."
- Note that the whole "My Name is Lucille" part of "Pavlov's Daughter" has some creepy falsetto and first person stalking with a third person's knowledge that's so cool, it really bothers me that the rest of the song isn't any good. I like dogs named Boots, for example this dog named Boots right here. She's old but she's just a puppy with little lypomas. One of her lypomas has a lypoma and it's SO ADORABLE.


Anyway, this is a good chance to hear genres you don't listen to very often, like anything approaching Norah Jones, and have it still be cool. Not to mention good. Unless you really hate pianies and slow-paced young singer-songwriters you'll like most of this anyway. Play it for your frat boy friends and see just how well adjusted they are to the idea that millions of people are gay! (hint: not) By which I mean, she's good enough to make you like chick singers.
Man, so I was at a show last week, and a random guy came up to me and said "that's a pretty scene shirt, man." It was like...awesome, I am exactly one year and four months behind the times! And that's pretty much where things stand today.



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