Friday, January 26, 2007

Did you know you were going to shoot off a four year old girl's head and you would look over the car seat and see down her throat?

It's getting to me again, and I only have beer, not liquor, so the old amorality kick is urging me on to be bad again faster than I can drink. It's oh so melodramatic. Horse races are boring and exploitative, but I think I'd watch pony races in spite of myself.

Once we've figured out our moral system do you think we'll figure out how to fight the vultures, or will we all have jobs by then? Will the end come when we live by ourselves? People are, in general of course, just as happy or unhappy as adults as they are as teenagers, and for the same reasons accounting for the bullshit of self-reporting. By this logic I'll etc.

Before I discuss anything relating to the nature/nurture "debate" it's important to remember that each individual's behaviour in terms of each independent act is akin to baking a loaf of bread: Baking bread requires ingredients and heat. You can't specify what "percentage" of the baking process is heat, or what "percentage" of the completed product is yeast. The "debate" is garbajosa, and any reasonably educated person should agree.

But there are many who do not agree somehow, and this holds back the field of psychology, and by extension the field of psychiatry, and by further extension ruins lives and kills people. The obscene part, the pornographic aspect of this disagreement, is that often the most vociferous advocates of the indulgence of the desire to hold onto not antiquated scientific concepts (which is more understandable) but instead to the concept that the mind is somehow beyond our understanding in some mystical way (perhaps related to "souls" or Quranic studies) comes from (hopefully former) students of the mind. It's not truly pornographic because it has artistic merit, but you guys...go kill yourselves.

Also, let me say a few words about the genre-spanning concept of primitivism. Basically, the doctine that humans are essentially good but have been corrupted by "civilization." Now I'm not saying that the products of civilization are good: we've done awful things. Ask the quagga and the ozone layer how great a job civilization four has done until the glorious guidance of my Islamic French society. However, not only is the concept of "civilization" not cognizant at all and therefore not fucking able to be "bad," but the idea of building cities and such was successful because it tempered human nature. Human nature was what killed the great auk and spread horrors like Shiism. Human nature is obviously neither "good" nor "bad," but it is fucking incompatible with any kind of a world anyone would want to live in. Our nature is the aforementioned amorality kick. Our brains are stuck around fifty to a hundred years ago, with society having evolved way faster than they can, and they're telling us to rape, kill, be pack animals, whatever, you get the point.

Of course, say, five hundred ago when we (I personally was a glorious cleric) were feudalistic and more in touch with our nature we didn't have the technology to be as awful. We do now, of course, so the ends of our actions now are far worse than they were, but had the kings of 1500 AD has WD40 and psychology and John Lennon - Mother.mp3 they would be far, far worse than we are now.

Except for shiites. I hate shiites. Blogger Iraqi Rebel agrees. "I hate Shia." He says, "Why do they hate Saddam so much?" message board member MoGame also agrees:
"Unity? I HATE SHIA. Let me remind you all of a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
At-Tabarani: With a good chain of narrators: Narated Ibn Abbas - I was with the Prophet (saws) and Ali (RAA) was with him.
The Prophet (SAWS) said: (In my Ummah there will be a people who will claim to love the Ahl-al Bait. They will be called Ar-Rafidha...
kill them, for they are mushrikoon (polytheists)"

At blogger saudi786 writes: "[Shia believe] All Imams are equal in rank and status to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w). (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 270)" before concluding "I hate SHIA more than anything I do[.]"


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