Friday, February 02, 2007

True Story

Let me preface this by pointing out that I think that criticizing Christianity is passe, potentially inexcusably.

So, a few nights ago I attended a Campus for Christ ("Campus Crusade for Christ" until this year) - the university's evangelical club - event titled "Atheism's Legitimate Offspring?" with pictures and quotes of - no kidding here - Hitler. Let me refer to the preface by pointing out that invoking Hitler is passe squared, and therefore opened C4C for socially sanctioned criticism.

So there I was, and they gave their little speech, the basic point of which was that without there was no reason not to torture and kill a five year old child (their example) because if you could avoid judicial punishment nothing would happen to you. After a couple hours of trying to convert them to Islam ("That's a really good point!" exclaimed a guy named Nick who stood way too close to me (/self aggrandizement (sort of))) for giggles, I actually debated the real issue at hand (morality) and my feelings essentially boiled down to this: if you can't figure out why killing a child is bad without God to tell you it's bad, then it's a really good thing you've found God.


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