Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frankly Jeff, Our Mother Should Have Just Named You Laika

Live at Bull Moose
Pink sunglasses! I want pink sunglasses! I am referencing the pink sunglasses Regina's wearing on the cover of this EP. I've had a few pairs of them, but they have all met tragic ends. This quick (16 minute) EP featuring one (1) to-be album track and four (4) non-albumers recorded live at some New England indie record store. It's more or less the same as the last album, just Regina and her piani (unless you count her tapping her foot during "Ain't No Cover"), with audience noise at the end but no audience noise during the songs somehow. It almost sounds fake, but I wouldn't want to equate Regina's live EP with 9/11. Throwing dummies out of 80th floor windows! Tee-hee! What a stunt!

Hi! I'm Roland Barthes!
To give a text an author is to impose a limit on that text!
I obviously think I'm pretty smarthes!

Nah, that's not going to work. "Carbon Monoxide," the sole album track on this EP, is sadly underdeveloped, not yet the waltzy goodtime downer it will become, but it's still a solid slice of urban bitterness. "Pound of Flesh" references Ezra Pound (get it?) and is a solid tap-tapper, while "The Noise" is a kinda boring classical-ish bit. The EP's also bookended with blues-influenced a capella love songs. "My Man" is the better one bec

"Mirror mirror on the wall / Tell me where the bombs will fall"? That's a TERRIBLE line!



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