Thursday, April 20, 2006

but the worst tragedy i think, though saying "tragedy" is pretty fucking stupid, is that the whole system is structured such that most of us are bound to do things we will never enjoy doing for nearly all of our lives. it feels like a setup: go to school, then go to work, then you're old.
it's not like this is any invention of the last hundred years, so don't give me any modern world bitching, you know. but i don't think anyone truly enjoys accounting or electricianeering any more than anyone ever enjoyed serf-ing.
there's no time for anything worthwhile in this awful system. i want to live in montreal for a year, i want to fast for a month, i want to lose all my friends and make them all again. but i'm not supposed to have time for any of these things...i guess my desired vocation is more borne from bitterness about that. which is a shame, i wish it came from philanthropy.
so i'll fight the tragedy, as i'm want to do, and accept the consequences of that. no socially responsible short haired self made ayn rand reading son of a bitch philosopher is ever gonna change my world.


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