Wednesday, February 08, 2006


we listen to what we listen to because it is us. things must have been simpler in the 70s, because "i don't need to fight to prove i'm right" just doesn't sum it up anymore. our fight isn't for us, it's for everything that's good, sometimes including us. it's for compassion and beauty and sympathy and joy. this is an uphill struggle. we like vague statements more than direct ones because our thoughts and emotions are vague. being young isn't nicely summed up by holden caulfield and the rolling stones anymore. yes, amazingly, things have changed quite a bit - it wasn't succinct for its time, it was merely appropiate - and i do believe that we're nobler now than we were - this isn't about proving we're right anymore. we know we are, and that isn't the point. and sure, sometimes the embrace of sillyness like fashion and elitism could appear unnecessary - but it's all means for the same noble end and that gives it actualization and meaning. how many ugly people are you friends with? fighting it all is part of the greater cause...and, of course, our cause is about as likely as those ridiculous quantum mechanics statistics to accomplish anything other than be a mere blip on the radar. that gives us romance, but i think the following and belief is more in line with "we might as well do the right thing even if it's not going to accomplish anything" than genuine hope. cynicism is too often mistaken for quitting. but i'll never be brought down by nothing losers bitching into their adidas handbags that we're snobs or unfair. and that's why i dislike "heritage." i do not like supporting any institution that encourages judging people for reasons other than the content of their character. when i graduate, let's move to toronto and get married.

also: fuck, my housemate elise is hot.


Blogger A. D. said...

Funny, I just decided to develop an argument defending the thesis that there is nothing in the sound of music that we can base our judgments on. I'm trying to get a bitter, divisive debate going. Care to comment?


8:08 AM  
Blogger Minimalism Fanaticism said...

no, because then i'm a traditionalist.

8:29 AM  

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