Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Obsessives In The Law That I Bought

So today I had planned to be better but I ordered Wing Machine and the wings made me sick, then I went to eat strawberries and they were rotten. Then I decided to watch a movie I'd downloaded called "Slackers", expecting some kind of Mallrats-esque hip comedy. Instead it was a terrible college movie with few glimpses of anything approaching interesting. You know there's a problem when you find yourself about physics instead of watching. So I decided "fuck this, I'm drinking" and now here we are. I do wonder what I'm coming to at times. This sort of crippled feeling was gone for years before but I suppose it's both easy to understand where it's coming from and an easy excuse to settle into the ease of acting/feeling defeated.

Jordan the sandpaper and dadblast the ecumenical liberalism that failed us instead o

So I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about god (God). My views have not changed, I'm an agnostic only in the technical philosophical sense. In other words, I think god (to say nothing of God) is on the same scale of probability as the world being the imagination of a cosmic corn flake still in the box. I love arguing with easy targets sometimes. That's the 'fun' in 'fundamentalist' right there. I miss my girlfriend's friend Christine, because her arguments are so wonderful to dissect. The best part is when she answers unrelated questions with "Jesus loves us." I'm not making this up. But everyone knows Christianity is outrageous; I really don't need to point it out here.

I like things that completely escape my understanding. For example, in a singularity in the shape of the planck length with incredible mass outside of which there's no universe, space and time are more or less the same thing. Yep. Space, like distance and stuff, and time, the thing that passes, are the same. Yeah, that makes sense. Stupid string theory - it's hard to know what to think with you! I'd rather feed you to my pennybox. Nnnn red and gree nad orange drinky. Random thoughts are always stupid. Here are some random thoughts.

1) Using death to kill someone is like using the weight of the sun to crush a fly.
b) I don't think saying "epilogue" is really necessary unless the author being pretentious and putting it at the start of the story or something. We know it's at the end of the story - how stupid do you think your audience is? Let's see, it starts at page 535, goes until page 549, which is the end of the book, and deals with events and characters two years after the gist of the story. Is it...the introduction? Fuckin' authors.
c) Hawks and doves. Game theory. Status. Yesterday's insights are today's cliches.

I dont' fele funny or clever at the moment, which is a shame because sometimes i do. Creative block? Writer's confluence? Failures are somewhat now!