Thursday, June 09, 2005

e-mail to a girlfriend who called radiohead average

different people will go their various musical directions so to speak but nonetheless taste may be subjective but it is nonetheless inaliable truth when your taste is the right taste so without further ado let it be stated with veracity that RADIOHEAD IS A GOOD BAND.

here are some objective reasons why: they're a smart rock band. how many of these are there?(alright, modest mouse, but radiohead are SMARTER) they know how to write songs and how to perform them, and they manage to be incredibly emotional and let down without a hint of self-pity (rare indeed). They're actually experimental in the studio and make songs that wouldn't normally be playable on the radio played on the radio (we're talking later, BETTER radiohead, not earlier "we're a slow guitar-rock band and aren't you proud of us?" radiohead) and yet they can transfer this sound into live greatness.

here are some subjective reasons why: no band has ever so clearly been the soundtrack for a part of my life. not my first love but they may always be my greatest. so many beautiful memories. nothing else has ever completely captured so many emotions so perfectly. not all of us are emo-like whingers or punk politicians. some of us are somewhere in the middle, watching. there are a few other bands out there in the same place, but radiohead was the most audacious of them, and they were so successful at it some people will never accept that "lucky" or "optimistic" or, fuck, even "Fitter happier" are wonderful and beautiful songs that capture all our worries and paranoias so perfectly.

honestly, it's probably just our personality differences that make me a radiohead fan with unimpressive breasts and you a bright eyes fan with very appreciable ones, but you have to admit they're pretty talented for a bunch of (most likely) coked up faggots.

- myles


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